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Dear customer,

 To provide everyone with the best possible and personal service we ask you, if you want to place an order, to create a profile and log in. We gladly receive your credentials so we can manually provide you with the correct profile. This gives us your confidence and you our confidence, on top of that we can make sure you get access to the right products and prices, fit to your profile—for us the person, the company counts, not only ‘a customer’ or ‘a number’!


 Feel free of course to visit our web shop and look around at your own pace to see what we can offer or provide you with, to view the products with retail prices, creating a profile is not a MUST.


 However, if you   want  to  make  some  purchases, it  is of  the  utmost  importance  that  you  subscribe (in the  right corner  on  top click  “Log in“ ). Just let us know in the textbox “Additional information” what profile fits for you or your company (restaurant, store, private,...) and your VAT number. We make sure you will be appointed to the correct profile within 24h, this will be confirmed with a mail.


 If, in the future, you DON’T always want to go through the previous pages you can place the shop directly in your favorites by clicking on “Bookmark” . You can get back on the HOME page of the store by clicking our logo (left, on top), to get back to the SITE pages you can click the glass with the 2 bottles.


We want to thank you already for your cooperation and trust… have fun shopping with us!